Meeting Rooms

The Board of Trustees of the Sigourney Public Library recognizes that the library is a community gathering place.  The library’s meeting room accommodates 160 people standing, 114 people seated in chairs and 53 seated in chairs at tables.

1.       TYPES OF MEETINGS.  The Sigourney Public Library provides a meeting room for use by the public for meetings or programs appropriate to the physical facilities and compatible with the library’s mission statement of providing educational and cultural resources for the community. 

2.      DISCLAIMER.  Use of the meeting room no way implies endorsement by the Library, the City of Sigourney, the Library Board or its individual staff members of ideas expressed in the meetings or of the aims and goals of the organizations using the facilities.  In case a question is raised as to the objectives and activities of any organization, group or authority requesting use of the Meeting Room, the Library Board shall be the final authority in granting or refusing permission for the use of the room.  Organizations may not advertise use of the library facility in any way that implies sponsorship by the library other than to indicate the name and address of the facility.  No organization may use the library address for their mailing address.

3.      REFRESHMENTS.  Refreshments may be served in the meeting room.  A kitchenette is available with a sink and refrigerator.  A coffee maker is also available upon request.  Coffee is not provided.  If the kitchenette is used, it must be cleaned and all garbage placed in the containers provided.  Any items not removed from the refrigerator will be discarded.

4.      HOURS.  The meeting room is available during the library’s regular hours of operation.  If the meeting room is used earlier or later than regular library hours, a key will be required, along with a $10 deposit.

5.      FINANCIAL TRANSACTIONS.  Normal collection of dues or memberships during group meetings will be permitted.  Authors are permitted to sell books at book signing events. No admission charge may be made for any function held in the Library without prior approval from the Library Director and/or the Library Board.

6.      USE FREQUENCY.  The library reserves the right to limit use by one individual, groups, agency or organization in order to encourage the broadest possible use of the room.

7.      CHILDREN’S AND YOUTH GROUPS.  Children’s or youth groups using the meeting room are required to provide constant on-site supervision by an adult (person age 18 or older).

8.      ALCOHOL, TOBACCO, CONTROLLED SUBSTANCES.  No alcohol or controlled substances may be possessed or consumed on the premises.  The library is a smoke-free building.  Smoking is not permitted in any area of the building.

9.      STORAGE.  The library cannot offer storage for groups using the meeting room.

10. SIGNAGE.  Materials may not be fastened to the walls.


1)     Chairs and tables are stored in the meeting room.  It is the responsibility of the using group to set up chairs and tables as needed, and to return these items neatly to storage when the meeting is completed.  Any damage to chairs or tables must be reported. Furniture and/or equipment from the main area of the Library may not be brought into the meeting room.

2)     Garbage must be placed in the waste receptacles provided.

3)     If the meeting room or either public restroom requires major cleaning, the individual signing the reservation will be charged a cleaning fee of $30 per hour.  Repairs will be charged to the responsible party.

4)     If food is served, floor must be vacuumed.  Vacuum is available.

5)     Any damage to library materials or property will be assessed to the using group.  The person signing the reservation form is responsible for any costs or problems resulting from the specified use.

12.  LIABILITY. The library is not responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property resulting from use of the meeting room.  The library provides no insurance for meeting room users.  No lit candles or open flames are allowed.  The outside main Library doors must remain locked when in use outside of normal library hours.

13. RESERVATIONS. Reservations must be made in advance.  Library programming is given priority in scheduling the meeting room.  Reservations will be confirmed only after the application is completely filled out and any applicable fees prepaid.  The individual representing the organization using the meeting room must be age 21 or older.  The applicant will be responsible for pick-up and return of the meeting room key for reservations during hours that the library is not staffed . Reservation requests must be made in writing and provide all the information asked for on the form.

For private functions, the fee is $60.00.

For businesses, training, staff development, and for-profit groups, the fee is $60.00.

For non-profit groups, youth groups, community groups, the fee is $10.00.




The Sigourney Public Library was honored to host the family and friends of Helen J. Marget. To honor Helen's memory, the Library Board of Trustees has named our beloved community room in her name, the Helen J. Marget Community Room.

The Sigourney News Review article states:

"Marget, who died April 1, 2021, just nine days short of her 90th birthday, was an iconic supporter and advocate for the new library that was erected in Sigourney in 2005. Her efforts, smile and love of books has not been forgotten.

“The meeting room is really the hub for many of our activities,” said Kelly. “Many groups and organizations use the room for meetings and trainings.

It is those types of activities that would warm Marget’s heart. Nearly all of her descendants, 35 in total, met recently to see the community room adorned with a plaque, commissioned painting and the name of the woman who was a central figure in ensuring Sigourney and Keokuk County had access to the written word and the many facets a library can offer a community."

“This room is a work in progress, and we are so blessed to have so many organizations that are willing to award us grants or donate money, along with the memorial money received, towards making it the best we can make it for the community, '' said Kelly."

Link to Sigourney News Review article

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