Mission Statement


The mission of the Sigourney Public Library is to provide equal access to information and ideas so all citizens can lead enriched lives through lifelong learning and are able to participate knowledgeably and productively in a democratic society. The Sigourney Public Library aims to provide the information necessary to enhance its collections and services, in order to guide and direct quality service to the community.


1. To promote the mission of the library through strategic use of information and resources

2. To provide free public access to electronic information resources, as well as local, state, and government services through the internet

3. To ensure that the public, regardless of age, race, creed, or sex, has the freedom to read and to freely choose from various print and non-print sources

4. To provide a wide selection of current materials in a variety of formats and subject areas

5. To provide educational, cultural and social enrichment for all residents of the city of Sigourney and surrounding areas

6. To encourage children to develop an interest in reading and learning through services for children and young adults

7. To provide quality customer service by improving the efficiency of the library’s circulation system